5 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

If you’re already a biker or are planning to get a motorcycle soon, you’ll need to accessorize not only your bike but also the rider. As a biker, you have your own personality, and you’ll have to find the right mix of gear motorcycle riding gear that shows the world who the real “you” is.

Most motorcycle riding gear will not only look stylish, sleek, and comfortable but will also protect you. Some gear, such as your helmet, is essential for your safety. In fact, besides customization of the gear, almost all gear functions as some sort of additional layer of safety for you. 

Here are five motorcycle accessories that you must have if you’re going to be a biker.


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Not only do custom helmets look sleek and stylish, but they also protect you from a head injury if you are in a fall or accident. Some helmets even look like a fierce beast. Helmets are a necessary safety component of your motorcycle riding gear and will protect your life if you get into a collision on the road.

The key is to find the right custom design that tells riders who the real “you” is. This will make you have a personality that stands out while protecting yourself.


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Motorcycle gloves are essential if you are going to go on the road. They will prevent damage to your hands and prevent slippage as you grip the handlebars of your motorcycle. They are also necessary for safety because they will make it easier for you to control your bike.


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Some motorcycle pants are made of sleek, stylish leather. Other motorcycle jeans are made of a Kevlar weave. Both styles of pants will protect you in the case of a crash or a fall. They will protect you from abrasions and will not tear away in an accident.


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A sleek leather jacket is a must-have for your motorcycle riding gear collection. It will protect you from outdoor elements just as dust as well as minor debris that is kicked up while you are riding. Some companies even offer a rain suit, which you can wear if you’re going out for a ride in the rain.

Almost all jackets have some form of customization involved. Whether it’s a design on the back or the color, these jacks will help you express your personality while riding.


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Earplugs round out your must-have motorcycle riding gear collection.  Earplugs will protect your hearing so you can enjoy hearing for generations to come. Some are also filtered, which means that you can control the amount of sound that you hear while on your ride. Custom-fit earplugs are the best because they won’t move around under your helmet and will cause to discomfort.

These earplugs are also customizable. You can choose colors or have a swirl of both colors. While the primary function of earplugs is for safety, you can still have fun with the way you customize them.

Whether you are planning to become a biker, or are already one, motorcycle riding gear is an important part of accessorizing yourself. Most motorcycle riding gear is customizable, meaning that you can mix-and-match the gear until you find the combination that is safe for you, right for you, and expresses who you are as a rider. Complete your set of motorcycle riding gear today.

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