5 Tips for Home Car Detailing

Home car detailing might sound a bit too much work but it is actually quite a bit of fun. Plus you will be able to save some money by doing it at home. At least for continued maintenance and then take your vehicle into a detailing shop for a more serious clean. This is a great way to maintain your vehicle and do quick checks here and there to ensure that the car is running smoothly while looking its best. Let’s jump into a few steps on washing your car and then our 5 tips for home car detailing from Chaiz.

Why A Good Wash and Decent Detailing is Important


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Your car is something you will use often. It gives you freedom of travel and it must function well to keep you safe and comfortable. The best reason to ensure that your car is kept clean is to be able to check for needed repairs so that they can be dealt with as soon as possible. This will give you peace of mind that the car is running smoothly and not at risk of rust or a potential breakdown.

Maintaining a clean car along with an up to date service record is important for warranty claims and will be able to support your claim in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Though there are many other reasons, the last we will mention is that it will also help you maintain a higher resale value. Three pretty good reasons to keep your car well maintained. 

If you are looking for an extended warranty solution that protects you from expensive repair costs, consider looking at the online marketplace where you can research, compare, and purchase coverage that fits your needs.

5 Tips for DIY Car Detailing

01 Get a Set of Brushes

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Not all brushes are made with one intent. All professional detailers have a wide range of brushes that are designed for cleaning specific areas and a specific way. A good tip is to have a set of brushes that fit your car and the materials used. What you use to remove grime on your wheel wells will not be the same as the one you use on the exterior of your car. Essentially, you want the right brush for the job. The best place to start is with a basic kit. Focus on the following areas to narrow down the brushes to buy: 

  • Fuel caps and flaps
  • Engine bays
  • Wheels and wheel wells
  • Interior
  • Windows and windscreen

02 Upholstery and Carpets

Carpets in your car are able to gather and hold a lot of dirt. The seats will be the same and do suffer a fair amount of wear and tear. When you are working on the interior take the time to properly clear out the carpets and all other upholstery in the car. Sometimes a good steam session is needed but that can be done at a detailers shop if you do not have the right tools for that. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the interior the best that it can be with a proper removal of dirt and debris. By doing this regularly you will also help in maintaining for long term use or an excellent resale value on your car.

03 Lubricates Hinges and Latches


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Something that is often looked over would be the hinges and latches. Door mechanism as well as the hinges can seize up when they have not been lubricated in a while or when they are not used at all. Most cars these days use a remote locking system but if your car does have a keyhole then be sure to use it occasionally to ensure that the lock cylinders do not seize either. You never know when you might need it. 

04 Protect the Exterior

Now that you have gently dissuaded the grime and muck off of your car it is time to think about protection. The reason it is important is because you want to ensure that the paint stays in good condition for as long as possible. Aside from looking better and keeping that resale value up, it also protects the car itself. Under the paint is a primer that usually manages to stay intact. Even if a stone hits the car at high speeds. However, getting through the primer layer could expose the metal which puts the car at risk of rust. There are 3 options to look at depending on your need and budget:

  • Natural carnauba wax
  • Auto paint sealant
  • Spray-on polymer or ceramic (best done at a detailing shop)

05 Protect Wheels and Trim

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Now that you have done everything to get your car looking fabulous at home, you should consider putting a protective layer over plastic trim and your tires. The wheels on your car see a lot of wear and tear and deserve a little TLC to keep them going. Plus it looks great and shows that you are about your car. 

Start Your DIY Car Detailing with these 5 Tips

Car detailing is a good thing to do for your car. It will assist in maintaining your car’s condition and you will be able to retain a relatively decent resale value as mentioned. Make sure you take care of your car so it can take care of you on the road. 

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