Why Jeep is so popular, and How Can You Upgrade It

Jeep is a very popular car that has faced extensive modifications since 1986. Currently, numerous roads are always filled with these transportation vehicles, especially Jeep Wranglers. This is due to their spaciousness, smooth ride, low cost, durability, and other amazing features.

Jeeps can stand out on any road effortlessly since they can easily withstand any terrain. The vehicle obviously allows more ground clearance, which is perfect for off-road trips. Apart from this, let’s find out other reasons why Jeep is still famous.

Reasons Why Jeep is Popular

These are the top reasons why Jeep is very popular: 

  • Distinctive design


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Jeeps are outstanding in their own way and are very simple to distinguish from other vehicles. If you compare the exterior structure of the 1986 Jeep to today’s rendition, you will find very little or even no changes. This makes them possess a more timeless look, unlike other vehicles like SUVs.

  • It can withstand any terrain

A Jeep is known for its capability to perform both on-road and off-road situations, which allows you to travel anywhere you desire. This is due to the larger tires and strong axles that provide more ground clearance, especially on muddy roads. Moreover, you can upgrade your Jeep if you want to cover a particular terrain quickly.

  • High-quality workmanship

The quality of Jeeps is something that is out of this world. This is because it is constructed with a strong finish that can withstand any unsteady terrain, making them perfect for any outdoor journey. In short, these Jeep products are naturally durable and very simple to maintain.

  • Removable doors and top

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Source: crestviewchrysler.ca

Another reason Jeeps have become so popular nowadays is the possibility of riding with the doors and top open. This quality suits people who love driving while the sun and wind are on their faces and in their hair. It is even cooler when you drive it in places with moderate and tolerable weather conditions since one can maximally enjoy being outdoors.

  • Encourages communal habits

There is a certain term by which only two or more Jeep owners refer to each other. This happens when the owners meet on the road and wave to one another, thereby forming the term Jeep Wave.

Communal habits are very common to numerous Jeep owners since they act as a way of welcoming a new member into the family. It is also a unique technique that is never seen in other vehicles.

How can you upgrade a Jeep?

Upgrading your Jeep helps enhance its performance and overall design. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • Replace bumpers


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I completely agree that your Jeep comes with already installed bumpers. However, it would be safer if you replaced those plastic rear and front bumpers with heavy-duty ones. Now, these bumpers are strong to allow mounting stability during off-road terrain. Furthermore, they eradicate the risk of fire outbreaks and collisions.

  • Include liners

Most Jeep owners prefer to keep the interior of their Jeeps as perfect as possible. A great way to do this is to add quality floor liners that will eradicate the mess made by snow, mud, grease, or any other irritating components. Besides, they also add a sense of style that makes your Jeep have beast-like features.

  • Include off-road lights

If you plan on taking an off-road trip, especially in the wild, then you should have extraordinary lighting features. Lights like halogen, HID, or even LED will serve as fog lights, headlights, A-pillar lights, bumper lights, riding lights, backup lights, and light bars. This will allow you to move around different terrains skillfully.

  • Use rock sliders

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Source: fabfours.com

Everything in the automobile world requires protection at all costs. Even the tires of a massive vehicle like a Jeep need extra protection. The good news is that you can use rock sliders to protect these fragile tires from damage during difficult terrain. This is considered an easier and more cost-friendly option since installing rock sliders requires only 3M tapes, unlike other methods that use bolts and nuts.

  • Use handles

Have you ever been in a position where you need the support of a handle when hoping in or out of a vehicle? Well, due to the size and height of Jeeps, it would be convenient if there was a handle to clutch on whenever one needs to. Besides, handles can also be applied when one needs to lean out to get a better view of the outdoor environment.

  • Protect the seats

All Jeep products also require seat covers that will protect them from various elements of weather or even human messes. Without a roof, it means that your Jeep will always be exposed to the sun, rain, or wind, which causes damage to the material of the seat. Therefore, try to get a quality seat cover finish, mainly made out of nylon, neoprene, or polyester.

Moreover, you can try to match the color of the covers to that one of your Jeep, in case you want to achieve a stylish theme.

Final Words

You can now see why Jeeps have lasted so long without losing their popularity. They are naturally timeless and contain different ways of how you can upgrade them.

For impressive Jeep products, try out famous American brands like Chrysler (active since 1987) or any other markets outside European. Simply try one out, and you may just find yourself falling in love with these massive vehicles.

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