2018 Ford Bronco Specs, Price, Pictures

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2018 ford bronco 250x166
2018 ford bronco 1 250x166
2018 Ford Bronco Jeep 250x166

Back in 2015, there have been a few rumors floating around the Internet saying that Ford was building a new Bronco. However, Ford quickly dismissed them saying that they were not working on such a project at the time. A few years down the road and we have confirmation about a future 2018 Ford Bronco.

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2018 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

This time around Ford actually confirmed it. Even though it may not be similar to the original rumors, the upcoming Bronco made many people interested in it, and it seems it will be one of the most awaited new Ford releases. At this point, it seems that it will be released closer to the end of 2018 or early 2019 and it may hit the market by 2020.The price hasn’t been revealed at this point but most rumors suggest a $25,000 starting price. This would allow Ford to compete with Jeep’s Wrangler, all while offering a more modern overall package.

More Details

The earliest rumors about the new Bronco said that the SUV was going to use the same platform as the Ford F-150. This is not the case. Instead, the Bronco will get to use the same chassis that will be found in the new 2019 Ford Ranger. The two will not only share the same chassis but also the engines and likely parts of the running gear. Unlike the truck, which is expected to get an independent suspension in the front, the Bronco has been confirmed to receive solid axles. This will actually take from the on-road capabilities, but it should add great off-road potential. The on-road behavior might be alleviated through a cleverly designed suspension, so Ford might still have a great package. With the solid axle, the Bronco will also feature quite a few other improvements meant for off-road.

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Unfortunately, the 2018 Ford Bronco will not feature removable doors or windshield which is a shame. Luckily, though, it seems that Ford might have this covered. The Bronco is expected to have a modular design where the doors would be easily interchangeable to allow it to be easy to repair. Also, instead of a soft-top, the Bronco will feature a modular hard-top which will be detachable and stored inside the car. The finished design has yet to be revealed, but it seems Ford might look for inspiration at the earlier models of the Bronco lineup. This might mean a modern-classic design similar to what Jeep is doing to the Wrangler. Some also suggested that the Bronco may be in fact a modern-looking crossover so that things will be interesting either way.


Here the 2018 Ford Bronco is going to use plenty of parts and features from its sibling, the Ranger. In fact, it is quite likely the two are going to share the same dashboard, instrument cluster, infotainment system and seats’ layout. The only real differences here will likely be the materials. The Bronco will have to be more durable and easier to wash due to its intended use.

2018 Ford Bronco Specs and Engine 

Ford said the Bronco is going to be overbuilt because it will basically be a truck with an SUV’s body. This has been done in the past, and it was usually quite successful. With the sold axles and likely beefy differentials, the 2018 Ford Bronco is also going to feature the same engines as the Ranger. Expect the base model of the car to get an inline 4 EcoBoost with as much as 260 horsepower and close to 300 lb-ft of torque. This should allow it to compete with Jeep’s V6 while using less fuel and having more torque. A 6-speed manual is already a given at this point, but a ten speed automatic is more than likely going to be an option.

2018 Ford Bronco Jeep

Like the Jeep, the new Bronco will likely come with four-wheel drive as standard. The EcoBoost won’t be the only engine, though. Ford recently revealed a new 3-liter turbocharged V6 diesel good for over 250 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. This would be more powerful than the V6 in the Wrangler, so it should be a great addition to the range. A more powerful gas engine is also a real possibility. Ford could install either a 2.7 or 3 liter EcoBoost with as much as 400 horsepower which would easily make it the most powerful offering in its class.

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2018 ford bronco 250x166
2018 ford bronco 1 250x166
2018 Ford Bronco Jeep 250x166

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