2018 Toyota Mirai Price, Release date, Specs

2018 Toyota Mirai

2018 Toyota Mirai – Completely devoid of any automotive commonness! Toyota was the main guilt who brought as common the notion of electricity use in car’s propulsion to our minds. It seems that Prius invented a hybrid word. But it didn’t. Which led to it becoming unarguably a legend, while whole brand’s lineup is currently full of hybrid powertrains. But interestingly, this Japanese innovator stopped there. There is only one plug-in hybrid (Prius Prime), while Lexus has one less than that, and there is absolutely no EVs currently.

Take BMW for example, which was very late to the game of electricity compared to Toyota and yet; it currently has six plug-in models and one pure EV. Still, Japanese may have halted electricity progress in that direction, but they turned to wilder and less exploited area of hydrogen. 2018 Toyota Mirai is a part of the very small company of three as they all try to convince us that this world hides more alternatives for moving your vehicle.

Toyota Mirai 2018 Styling or Whatever That Is

How would you describe visual appearance of Toyota Mirai 2018? What could words explain that styling frenzy? Awkward Prius appear as plain Golf standing next to it, but we could distinguish a pattern here. Prius has to be odd to generate attention, and it did, and plenty of it, while the same recipe was evidently evolved to perfection with Mirai. Don’t be confused. Used word “perfection” is not applicable to its design, rather to the ability to fix your gaze while you’re trying to distinguish what the hell happened there.

Ok, let’s begin. Those gaping intakes on front bumper appear as the mouth of a large white shark preparing to devour innocent (and cute) seal, and those would seem over-proportioned even on multiple times larger Bentayga. Daytime lights are almost sized as headlights; which are hardly noticeable among all that visual commotion, and they appear as squinting with vicious intentions.

2018 Toyota Mirai 1

2017 Toyota Mirai/motortrend.com

Fenders are so swollen that they appeared robbed from a sports car, while rear seems intentionally messed up with tail lights separated from stretching horizontal light bar; which causes some unpleasant stomach’s feelings when looked upon. Overall everything is evidently deliberately disproportionate, and the result is strange. Read ugly or very ugly.

Spaceship’s Command Deck

The cabin is nothing less controversial, and we have to resort again to Prius comparison. Hybrid sibling once again appears as well behaved child with a slightly unusual haircut. While this hydrogen propelled beast seems as teenager questioning the purpose of life existence. The whole area seems constructed with a bunch of different layers stacked upon each other in a random manner, and everything feels sharp and pointy and capable of hurting you.

When we pass over staggering visual impressions, we will find a rather unsatisfying approach to interior management. Materials are cheap and badly joined, available space is on the small side; especially at the rear where you can only sit two. As an alternative for those already owning it, you can use that digitalized center console as boosting right since that is obviously becoming increasingly trendy approach. Take latest Panamera or Audi A8 for example.

2018 Toyota Mirai interior 2

2017 Toyota Mirai/motortrend.com

2018 Toyota Mirai Specs, Unusual Ones… For Sure

Mirai carries a Prius in itself, but it adds a couple of new bits on the top. It features what every hybrid does, which would be an AC motor and battery pack (here nickel-metal one), but instead of internal combustion engine, it carries fuel-cell stack for electricity production; and two hydrogen tanks in charge of feeding mentioned stack.

The electric motor generates 151 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque; which is enough for sprint to 60 mph in 9 seconds and a top speed of 110 mph, but that is of the least importance here. All this propulsion ordeal creates nothing but water as an end product, meaning that Mirai has zero effect on the nature pollution, but that is only if we turn a blind eye on the hydrogen production process.

Anyway, nothing is perfect, and this is closer to perfection compared to gas guzzlers. With tanks full of hydrogen 312 miles is available, while fuel efficiency is at 66 MPGe combined.

2018 Toyota Mirai engine

2017 Toyota Mirai/motortrend.com

Driving Impressions (for Those Who Care)

Nobody expects special driving pleasure with this type of vehicles. That are here to experiment, break boundaries, so they leave little or no time dedicated to usual stuff that you look for in regular transportation. As much as exterior and interior fall short of appealing so do the driving joy. But first, you will appreciate the lack of engine noise and extremely pillowy ride, until you meet a corner.

There is no body roll, but also there is no any connection with the world outside. Driving appears as computer simulation keeping you completely devoid of any sensations, mostly due to ultimately numb chassis and steering wheel. Plus, if hybrids tend to be hefty, hydrogen propelled vehicles are obese, in this case with over 4000 pounds.

2018 Toyota Mirai Price

Mirai is with us from 2015, but it is not like you can just walk in into any Toyota dealership and get one. You have to live in California and not just anywhere there, but close to filling stations which are not such a common occurrence as you might experience. Plus, being part of extremely small niche is expensive; precisely $58k or monthly lease payment of $499 (with $3649 down payment) in the case of 2018 Toyota Mirai.

Further more, running on hydrogen proves more expensive that on a blend of gas and electricity, but Japanese managed to alleviate that with three years or 36,000 miles of free juice. After meeting all conditions if you are still into this type of the game; do know that a limited number of rivals do exist. There is a Hyundai Tuscon FCEV, which looks and feels like, well previous generation Tuscon, and which lags behind in range and efficiency, but excels in normality.

There is also Honda’s Clarity, as another one opting for visually excessive approach, but in its case domesticated; while boosting comfortable and plush cabin, bigger driving range and acceptable road manners.

Toyota is expected to release the new generation of the Mirai by the end of the year while the production version of the car will be out in 2018.

2018 Toyota Mirai rear

2017 Toyota Mirai/motortrend.com



Take a look at the previous model while we wait for the new Mirai 2018:

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