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The ongoing heavy-duty series of the Ram pickup trucks has been released more than eight years ago. In the meantime, the truck didn’t change all that much. However, it now seems an update might be on its way with the upcoming 2019 Ram 2500. So far the FCA Group has been quiet about it. Despite that test mules of the truck have been spied around Ram’s factory. It looks like this time around the 2019 model might be more than just a small update.

2019 Ram 2500 – A New Chassis?

The camouflaged test mule spied a while ago seemed to have a brand new chassis. Some of the suspension components were also blanked out which could suggest the fact that the truck will receive a different setup. It looks like Ram could decide to release a version of 2500 specifically aimed for on-road use. This would use a different setup, possibly with air-shocks, to allow it to have a higher payload while not having to get rid of the comfort of its passengers or its good driving characteristics.

Is Aluminum Possible?

It is a well-known fact that Ram has been heavily criticizing Ford for going full aluminum with their trucks. However, they saw how successful this new material has been. It looks like the upcoming update of the Ram 2500 might go with an aluminum body or at least some aluminum body parts. It seems the bed might still be made out of steel. However, the cabin and most of its front end could be made out of aluminum, and these parts could be shared with the smaller 1500.

2019 Ram 2500 Spy

On top of that, it looks like the frame will be beefed up. The front and rear axles should be tougher as well while the rear differential is expected to get larger. These changes alone should allow the new 2019 Ram 2500 to boast a higher payload and overall higher towing capacity.

A New Cummins?

As we all know, the ongoing version can be had with a 6.7 liter turbocharged inline-six Cummins diesel engine. This is currently good for 385 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. It looks like this update will allow the engine to provide as much as 1,000 lb-ft of torque and north of 400 horsepower. This would be achieved with the help of a new turbocharging system and likely a higher flow fuel system. With it, the new 2500 should be able to not only tow more but also use slightly less fuel under load. The latter would also be achieved thanks to a revised gearbox.

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