8 Best Truck Gadgets and Accessories 2024

Gadgets and accessories are here to make things easier for us. So is the case for trucks and those that drive them.

We are regularly seeing new tech being invented, which ultimately betters humanity. It is the purpose of these technologies to help us in our work, make things more convenient, easily accessible, etc.

So, that’s why we’ve decided to make a list of the best truck gadgets and accessories for 2024. The list will include amazing discoveries that ultimately make things easier while on the road, especially for truck drivers. So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. USB Car Charger

Car chargers 810x675

Img source: appliancesonline.com.au

It’s difficult to be on the road at all times. Sadly, some truckers are and they need all the help they can to make the ride more enjoyable.

Previously, truckers would have to charge their phones before leaving with their truck. Nowadays, they can simply use a USB car charger to charge their phone while working.

This gadget not only makes the charging process super convenient, but it also means you’ll always have your phone charged if low.

2. Car Tracker

Car tracker 1 810x663

Img source: techhive.com

Simply put, every professional that operates a vehicle must own this gadget. A car tracker is a device mounted to your vehicle, regardless if it’s a truck, van, minivan, or car, and have full diagnostics report on everything from the engine to protection in the case of theft.

Truckers should notify their employers to obtain these devices as it sends the user everything from crash reports to notifications regarding speeding, and literary hundreds of other things. Safe to say, this is an accessory that every truck and driver will benefit from.

3. Dashboard Phone Mount

phone mount 810x706

Img source: laxgadgets.net

Onto one of the most popular accessories a person with a vehicle could own, a dashboard phone mount is a mounted stand that you put on your dashboard to hold your phone.

To make things more convenient, every state has legalized the use of these accessories while driving. For starters, both of your hands are always free from the device, as most devices could now be operated with voice commands meaning all you have to do is talk to your phone.

Secondly, it’s a pretty useful accessory since you can open Google maps, navigate where you need to go, monitor it, and safely drive.  There are hundreds of these accessories on the free market, and obtaining one is nothing short of a must.

4. Breathalyzer

Breathlizer 810x706

Img source: stylecraze.com

This one is quite unusual, but it could come in handy none the less.

A breathalyzer is a device that you breathe in and it shows you how much you’ve drunk. Everyone knows that drinking and driving is a terrible idea, but there is a limit where driving under the influence is considered safe.

Every truck driver should own this device, as it can tell him whether he can or cannot drive.

5. GPS Device

GPS 810x623

Img source: kennethkuykendall.com

Oh boy, where to start. A GPS device is nothing short of a must-have gadget that every vehicle owner should have.

Especially in the case of trucks, GPS devices help the driver navigate to his destination, while also offering him other services. For example, some GPS devices tell the driver how much time he’s been driving, what’s the local speed limit, and various other things.

Trust us when we say this, you can even watch the news on some of these devices, and there is more that comes with using one.

Remember that dashboard phone mount? Well, you can acquire one for your GPS device. As a matter of fact, you must get one for it. To get the best one depending on your needs, then make sure to visit thetagtech.com.

6. Dash Cam

Dashcam 810x670

Img source: blackvue.com

Dashcams are also quite convenient gadgets that you place on your dashboard and on the back of the vehicle. While you can also use a single camera, using both for each side of the road is the preferred way of driving your truck.

There are many reasons why you should get one from planethalocameras.com for your truck, with the most important one being that you’ll have proof of innocence in the case of an accident.

As you can imagine, truck drivers can get into a lot of trouble if they get into an accident while delivering goods. With a dashcam, you’ll have full liability claim and your employer won’t cause you any problems.

Even if you don’t drive for anyone, using one will still get you out of trouble in the case of any road accidents.

7. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire 1 810x640

Img source: nokiantyres.com

Yet Another gadget for diagnostics, a tire pressure monitoring system is a piece of tech that gives you full access to tire pressure while driving.

You simply take the little devices and put em on the tires. These are called sensors and they essentially allow you to monitor the pressure at all times while being used. The brilliant thing about these sensors is that they easily stick to the tires, but won’t fall off the same way.

The trickier thing about this system is that you might need a helping hand while installing and optimizing. Furthermore, some are solar-powered, meaning the entire gadget doesn’t require any battery change.

8. Electric Cooler

Cooler 810x732

Img source: ebay.com

A piece of accessory that every truck owner must have, an electric cooler keeps your sodas and lunch cool while on the road. Regardless of which type of food you’ve prepared yourself, an electric cooler can store it all.

The best thing about owning an electric cooler is that it’s quite small and can fit anywhere you place it. Using this accessory is nothing short of convenient, and it will safely cool your food for long periods of time.

You can even manually set the right cooling temperature, and even keep the food above the safety standard of 140 F. These coolers are also quite portable, meaning you can take them with you whenever you want and wherever you want.

Some are so advanced that they’re even solar-powered, come with USB ports, are energy-efficient, and even come with multiple modes and settings.

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