Automotive Repairs Tasks That You Can Perform at Home

Not all car repairs need to be handled by a professional mechanic. There are certain repairs you can easily handle on your own with just the basic skills as well as the necessary tools. Most car owners are usually afraid of fixing their cars and end up paying for a repair they can easily accomplish all by themselves. Below are some car fixes that you can do by yourself using simple tools and little experience.

1. Oil Change

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Changing engine oil is a maintenance practice that is done quite frequently, and you can easily do it by yourself adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. The tools that may be needed for this task include an oil filter, wrench, funnel, new oil, oil container, and oil filter. Changing your car’s oil is quick and simple, but you must ensure that the car is raised and well supported to avoid injury. Also, if you have been driving recently, wait for your car to cool before changing the oil as it can be very hot.

2. Battery Maintenance Practices

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Depending on the prevailing conditions, a car battery can last up to six years. Nonetheless, you will still need to carry out general maintenance practices or even change the battery when need be. In such instances, you can easily change the battery using a wrench kit first to remove the black negative cable first when removing the old battery and attaching the negative cable last after finishing installing the battery. When changing the battery, take the necessary precautions to avoid a short circuit which damages the car’s electrical system. Professionals from suggest to clean the terminals quite frequently using water and baking soda.

3. Air Filter Replacement

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It’s vital to change the air filter as recommended by the car manufacturers since clogged air filters tend to lower the car’s performance on multiple levels. Replacing the air filter is one of the easiest DIY maintenance repairs. Depending on the car model, replacing the air filter is as simple as opening the hood, removing the top of the air filter housing, replacing the filter and replacing the housing. You just need to have a new filter and a screwdriver then you’re good to proceed.

4. Replacing Worn-out Windshield Wipers

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Windshield wipers wear out within a short period of time due to constant exposure to sunlight, rain and dirt damage rubber blades. Driving with a worn-out windshield wiper is surely dangerous as it hinders visibility during bad weather. Replacing a set of windshield wiper blades all by yourself is much cheaper compared to hiring a mechanic to do the same. Start by finding the correct replacement blades for your car’s make and model at an auto parts store then use the installation instructions that come with the wipers. Take the necessary precautions not to damage the wiper arms by bending them too far back from the windshield. In most cases, you’ll only need a screwdriver.

5. Changing Brake Pads

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It’s advisable that you change the brake pads after every 10,000 miles. You should also be checking brake pads for excess wear and tear more often, especially if you are a regular driver. DIY brake maintenance is quite simple. The necessary tools for this task include a wheel wrench, pliers, some basic wrenches, a jack, and a set of jack stands. After changing the brake pads, always start the car and pump the brake pedal to restore pressure. Brakes are a vital part of the car, and you must ensure that they are installed correctly. AutomotiveGearz has a detailed guide on how to get the best brake rotors for your vehicle.

6. Headlight Bulb Replacement

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You will need to replace the headlight bulbs as well as the brake light bulbs when they are burned. Repair shops charge an average of $100/hour to replace bulbs, but you cut down on this cost by replacing the bulb all by yourself. Just ensure that you purchase the correct bulb type and size then install it correctly adhering to the owner’s manual.

Bottom Line

Operating and maintaining a car is quite expensive, with repairs costing up to $1,500 annually. It’s therefore important to try and save as much money as we can by carrying out simple repairs on our own. While modern cars are quite sophisticated, not all car repairs or maintenance should be carried out by a skilled mechanic. Always ensure to use the owner’s manual available on when carrying out car repairs.           

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