6 Top Safe Driving Tips

Driving is an exciting experience. But this excitement shouldn’t come at the expense of risking your life. Below, we have shared some tips that will help you and your passengers stay unharmed:

1. Never Drive Drunk

Alcohol causes a countless number of road accidents every day. Even at a low intoxication level, the chance of a road accident will always be higher. Alcohol can lower inhibitions and impact reaction times, causing drivers to respond slowly to oncoming danger. And at higher levels, alcohol intake will cause loss of consciousness and even blurred vision. Drunk driving isn’t just a bad idea, it can claim your life. 

2. Refrain From Speeding

As the saying goes, “Speeding Kills”. This adage remains true and will strongly impact your driving experience. Research shows that speeding increases the likelihood of an accident by a higher percentage. As such, it is always better to reach your destination late than never. Going faster will only endanger your journey, and you will be putting the lives of your passengers at risk too. 

3. Avoid Getting Distracted


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Phones can be a huge distraction so you should never use social media while driving. There’s no need to take a phone call while driving, either. We recommend you avoid getting distracted as much as you can and keep your focus on the road at all times. Most countries have banned the use of cell phones during driving, including texting. However, cellphones aren’t the only culprit; applying makeup, eating and meddling with your friends can also be very risky. 

4. Improve Your Family Safety

Teach your kids to put on the safety belt when they’re in the car. If you have a baby in the family you may also want to consider this double stroller in NZ. Should an accident occur, the risk of injury to your child can be greatly reduced with this seat. Plus, ask your kids to refrain from using their phones when they’re in the car with you. If you don’t teach these habits, they won’t understand the importance of being safe on the road. 

5. Be Careful in Bad Weather

Bad weather is a red flag for highway drivers. Especially when driving through heavy rain, fog or even a snowstorm, it’s important to be extra cautious. If you must travel, you should wait for the weather to calm down and refrain from speeding, as it greatly increases the chances of an accident. With bad weather, you need to look for the safest routes. Drive below the speed limit and maintain extra space with the car ahead. When you’re driving through such weather, understanding the conditions can allow an experienced person to drive safely. 

6. Watch Out For Other Motorcyclists


Source: dailytrib.com

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you are driving. You can abide by all the rules and still be involved in an accident that isn’t your fault. As a rule of thumb, it is always best to expect unpredictability in others and to act accordingly.Being aware of your surroundings makes all the difference, and if somebody is speeding, you don’t have to follow them. 

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