Tesla Model X Review

We won’t hide that we like Tesla. It is innovative, ambitious and, the most importantly, green. Many doubted that Tesla can be sustainable since it offers top-notch cars at a relatively low price. Elon Musk doesn’t hide they are still in red, but if this trend continues this car manufacturer will gain profit in a few years. It’s a long term project and Musk’s final goal is not money. He always pushes borders and tries to create better future for our offspring. Currently, the most anticipated vehicle coming from Tesla is Tesla Model X.

Falcon Wings

Tesla Model X takes after Model S but comes with enhanced characteristics and different styling. It is also a midsize crossover SUV surprisingly strong for an electric car. Doors are unique and the way of opening is quite interesting. Falcon Wing doors are designed by Tesla and we are definitely looking forward to seeing them in person. Backdoors go smoothly up and allow easy access for passengers sitting in the last two rows. They can enter the vehicle from both directions. In addition, you don’t have a problem of hitting a head on a roof.

Tesla Model X Falcon Wings 810x340

Source: teslamotors.com

Tesla Model X Design

Inside the cabin, three rows of seats are placed, able to accommodate up to seven people. The design of the seats is exceptional but designers are especially proud of the middle row. It offers the best comfort and more legroom than other rows. Both middle and rear rows can be folded, providing more space for cargo. Such Tesla Model X looks more like a minivan than a crossover. They are coming in three different variants: Ultra White, Tan Leather and Black Leather.

Tesla Model X Side View 810x281

Source: teslamotors.com

Tesla Model X has keyless entry and ignition system. The rear liftgate is also automatic. Full LED lights are implemented and mirrors are heated. It also comes with blind spot warning system and parking sensors. Some of the standard features are GPS, quick connection phone dock, maps with real-time traffic info etc.

Motor and Safety

Tesla Model X is offered in at least two trims: P90 and P90D. P85D is also believed to be launched, but its release hasn’t been announced yet. All these trims are coming with the same 90kW battery pack. However, these trims differ in terms of mile range and acceleration. Model X 90D goes from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds which is slightly slower than an average crossover. On the other hand, P90D is even faster, accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. However, its mile range is for 7 miles lower comparing to 90D. It can reach 257 miles for one charging while the P90D’s mile range is estimated at 250 miles. It is the first all-electric vehicle which can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

Tesla Model X sketch 810x347

Source: teslamotors.com

According to the official website, safety is the first on the list of priorities. Since the battery is placed at the center of the floor center of gravity is lower than in ordinary cars thus it’s more difficult for Tesla Model X to roll over in the case of an accident. Side collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking will make you feel safe inside the cabin. Even though there is no engine, the front part is able to absorb a lot of energy during a crash. However, these are all allegations and information provided by Tesla. We’re still waiting for the official test conducted by NHTSA. Then we will now for sure how safe the Model X. Tesla is announcing Model X as the safest SUV, but this is yet to be proved.


Tesla Model X is not among the cheapest cars coming from this manufacturer. It costs $81,200 and we bet you have expected a lower price for this model. It may seem a lot, but you must take future savings in fuel into consideration.

Tesla Model X


Horsepower: 518 to 762 hp
Range: 220 to 250 mi battery-only
MPGe: Up to 101 city / 102 highway
Curb weight: 5,271 to 5,381 lbs

Price: $81,200

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