Four-of-a-Kind Famous Tesla Owners

Electric cars are, for many, the future of the automotive industry.

They have a much lower impact on the environment, which isn’t at a cost in terms of their performance. They are still a minority on the road; it’s estimated that 60 million electric cars are in operation today, against a total of 1.3 billion vehicles, so the change is slow. Make no mistake; there is a change happening.

Tesla is at the forefront of the EV revolution, with Forbes reporting they sold almost 1 million units in 2024, accounting for a 14% market share. Their name has become synonymous with EVs, and some of their newer models are high-performance and coveted by US drivers. That doesn’t just mean the average Joe either; celebrities are also getting on board with the famous brand.

To demonstrate their wide appeal, we’ve picked four-of-a-kind, famous faces happy to put all their chips on a Tesla EV for the sake of the planet’s future.

Leonardo Di Caprio – Tesla Roadster

The Wicked Fast Next Gen Roadster


Leonardo Di Caprio is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, transitioning from teen heartthrob to Oscar winner over the course of his stellar career. He’s also a keen environmentalist, demonstrated by the release of his most recent Netflix movie, Don’t Look Up. He created his first environmental foundation at 24, and he’s still living that life today. That’s reflected in his choice of car; he drives a Tesla Roadster, coming in at a modest $200,000 but still capable of 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds.

Daniel Negreanu – Tesla S Series

Tesla Model S SAO 2016 9502 810x540


If there’s one super-rich personality on the list you may not be familiar with, it is poker player Daniel Negreanu. He’s earned more than $42 million from bluffing and raising the stakes and is one of the most famous names on the poker circuit. He’s also a keen activist, much like Di Caprio. Negreanu is a committed vegan who uses his platform to discuss environmental issues. Unsurprisingly, he drives a Tesla, specifically the Tesla Model S, which is in sharp contrast to some of his poker colleagues in their gas-guzzling supercars.

Jaden Smith – Tesla X Series

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Will Smith’s son will soon be as well known as his Dad, and yet there are subtle differences that set them apart. For instance, Will drives a Model S, much like Negreanu, but his son upped the ante with the Model X. It is notable for its double-hinged doors, making it a striking shape. It’s not for everyone, coming in at $100,000, but for those with the means, it is a lovely piece of engineering.

Tony Hawk – Tesla S Series

20220213 Tesla Model S75D 850 9151 810x540


Hawk and Negreanu are stars of an alternative scene; poker and skateboarding are certainly not mainstream, but those who rise to the top of such industries are still beloved by millions. Hawk is a legend of the skate scene, and he’s used his platform to fight climate change, performing in Los Angeles in 2018 to raise awareness. He’s also used his Tesla Model S as a platform; he popped the trunk for a friend to jump out before watching him skate using the rear camera.

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