Can You Wrap Your Car to Look Like a Police Car? Is It Legal?

Many people can share the same perception of police cars, which are typically white with blue and red stripes. This is only sometimes the case, though. Black, yellow, green, and brown is just a few of the hues for wrapping police cars. Although they have always been a feature of law enforcement, police cars have changed in appearance. Before the addition of logos and markings, police cars were painted black and displayed only the officer’s badge. More amenities, such as lights and sirens, were added to police cars as technology advanced.

Most police vehicles today are painted blue and have different symbols to identify the department or area they work in. Since police cars have been a vital part of law enforcement for so long, their design has developed to satisfy both the needs of officers and the general public. Police cars are already a necessary tool for law enforcement officials everywhere, and their popularity is only increasing.

Wrapping the Police Cars

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Police car wraps are very common nowadays. The graphical design plays a crucial part in the public’s safety as well as the safety of the officers operating the vehicles. They make the car simple to recognize so that people would know where to go for assistance. Additionally, they increase the vehicle’s visibility, particularly at night or in bad weather. Additionally, important information is displayed on the vehicle by police decals such as vehicle identification numbers, emergency contact information, and other crucial details. 

Applying a covering to a vehicle’s surface to protect it from the environment, insects, and other contaminants are known as wrapping. Patrol cars and other high-profile vehicles are the ones that wrap the most. Additionally, it can be applied to motorbikes, ATVs, and light vehicles. There are several types of coatings, including vinyl, silicone, varnish, and enamel. Depending on their particular requirements and financial constraints, police departments across the nation have employed a variety of wrapping procedures. Some utilize silicone or vinyl coatings, while others mix other materials.

Are They Primarily Wrapped Or Painted?

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Some police departments choose to paint, while others choose to use wrapping. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the department wants to accomplish. A painted car will usually stand out more, making it more straightforward for police to identify them and warn other drivers to avoid the area. However, a wrapped car might fit better with the surroundings, giving patrolling officers a safer atmosphere. What looks best on a police force’s cars is ultimately up to the department itself.

Is It Legal To Have A Police-Themed Paint Job On The Car?

Your state of residence may have an impact on how you should paint your car. It is typically OK to paint your car a color associated with law enforcement or the police. There are a few exceptions, though. For instance, it is prohibited in California to paint any vehicle with a police or law enforcement emblem without the Department of Motor Vehicles’ prior written consent. In several areas, it is also against the law to paint civilian automobiles in “police enforcement” colors.

Before painting your car, it’s crucial to check your state’s legal requirements to avoid any repercussions. Please contact a qualified attorney in your state if you have any concerns about whether it’s acceptable to paint your car to look like a police car.

Working on a Car Wrap

There are 3 stages to wrapping a vehicle:

  • Choosing the appropriate colors, finishes, or designs to fit the car
  • The next step is printing of vinyl and lamination to protect against UV degradation and any form of scratches.
  • Installation of vinyl on the vehicle

An expert should perform as it is a complex task and one will get the desired results if done correctly. They can guarantee that the plastic layer is meticulously trimmed for fitting every panel and correctly prepare the exterior of the car.

Can Wrapping Safeguard The Vehicle?

The answer is yes. One can protect the original paintwork by vinyl car wrapping from small chips and dings and UV rays. Even when they are not on duty, several police agencies now let officers keep their cars wrapped. As a result, regular maintenance visits are optional to keep the vehicles clean and safe. For police cars, wrapping is a crucial step in the maintenance procedure.

Car Wrapping Types

There are many different kinds of car wraps available. The following are the top three most popular options:

  • Advertising wraps: used to highlight a company’s branding and essential information. Although most cars can use them, vans frequently employ them.
  • Clear vinyl wrapping is used to maintain the vehicle’s original color and finish while preserving the original paintwork.
  • An opaque film used to alter the color or finish of a car is called color vinyl wrapping.

Custom printing is frequently used for advertising wraps but is also accessible to other drivers. Any image can be printed onto your wrap and then mounted to your automobile using a bespoke print. Typically, these come in both matte and glossy textures.

How Do You Transform Your Car Into A Police Car?

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There is no denying that driving in a police car can give you a stronger sensation of control and security. However, there are numerous inexpensive ways to transform your car into a police cruiser. Here are some suggestions for cost-effectively or with no cost, making the car look like a police cruiser.

  • Get police stickers or decals and stick them on the back of your vehicle.
  • Purchase vinyl decals and apply them to the front and rear of your vehicle.
  • Consider painting your car any color you like, such as blue, yellow, or black and white stripes, to express your creativity.
  • Get police car wraps and stick them to the underneath of your vehicle. This will give your vehicle a convincing police appearance.
  • Purchase a police light kit, then mount it on your vehicle.
  • Include flashing lights and LED light bars on your car’s roof.

Even though most people believe that wrapping a car is a cheap way to change the color of the body, the cost can still be shockingly high. A DIY wrap is an obvious substitute for hiring a professional if the costs are too high. The typical DIY person can handle the project if all an individual wants is a quick and simple finish that looks good from 10 meters away. 

However, one needs to be ready to put in a lot of time to get a finish as good as the professionals. Be aware that without the patience, skill, or attention to detail that comes with experience, it can be incredibly irritating.

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