2018 Honda CRV Price and Release date

The new CR-V has been released a while ago on the European and US markets. However, the car will be released in India as the 2018 Honda CRV in the upcoming months. The best part is that it will bring a lot of upgrades over its predecessor at the same price point meaning the CR-V will finally become the great deal it is elsewhere.

In Detail

The new model is actually an all new car. It is based on Honda’s fully modular architecture, so it has a stiffer body, it is lighter, and it boasts much better NVH levels than before. The car is also larger than its predecessor. It offers a longer wheelbase; it is slightly wider and taller too. Thanks to that the car will now be able to accommodate up to 7 people which are a huge step up over its predecessor. This should allow it to shine in the Indian market where seven seats crossovers are currently on a roll.

What Will Be Improved?

Over its predecessor, the new CR-V is a much more capable car. Not only it has a new platform and a larger interior, but it also gets a new engine. For the first time in the Indian market, the car is going to be available with a diesel engine. This will be Honda’s new generation 1.6 liter turbo-diesel offering 158 horsepower and 350Nm of torque, the latter at just 2,000 rpm. A petrol-powered engine will also be available. This will be Honda’s well known 2.4 liters naturally aspirated inline four which is good for up to 190 horsepower. Both of them will come equipped with an automatic gearbox. While the petrol engine will get a ten speed automatic, the diesel will be mated to a slightly older nine-speed automatic provided by ZF. Even so, the car should be considerably more capable than it used to be.

2018 honda cr v

2018 Honda CRV render By motor1.com

Design – Inside and Out

The exterior of the upcoming 2018 Honda CR-V has changed quite a bit since its predecessor. This time around the car looks a lot more stylish with angled headlights, a hexagonal grille and chrome inserts all around the car. The interior is that much better too. Not only it will have seven seats as standard, but it will also offer considerably more features. As standard, the CR-V will come with a 7-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, a surround audio system and soft-touch materials all around the cabin which is a big plus in a class where most of its competitors are as basic as it gets.


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May 29, 2017 / The CR-V has been a market leader for quite some time but newer offerings like the RAV4 or the Escape managed to put a dent in Honda’s sales. In order to get back on track, they decided that it might be time for a new model. While not official up to this point, only a couple of months ago models of the upcoming 2018 Honda CRV have been seen testing on the open roads and it looks quite promising.  

2018 Honda CRV Price and Release date

Like before, the new CRV is still likely going to cost between roughly $25,000 and $35,000 for a top end version. However, pretty much everything else should change and the car will most likely become what it was always supposed to be a true premium compact crossover. We can expect new CR-V model available on the market by the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018.

2018 Honda CR V 400x218

Source: autoevolution.com

Platform and Running gear

The new CRV 2018 will most likely be based on the same platform as the new Civic. Honda’s new modular architecture will definitely allow for a lighter and more rigid car than before. While it will not be identical to the Civic considering that it will need an all wheel drive system, the new CRV should be quite similar to it in terms of suspension. These are great news as the new Civic is quite a bit better in terms of driving characteristics and comfort.

How will it look?

The upcoming 2018 Honda CRV seems to be quite a bit different than the older model. For starters, the camouflaged model spied a while ago featured a more mature look, more similar to what the Pilot has. Also, while it is not clear so far, the new model might be slightly larger than before. In fact, many suggested that it could share its wheelbase with the new Civic Sedan which features four inches longer wheelbase than before. This should allow the CR-V to accommodate its passengers with more available space and it could also allow Honda to build an optional seven-seat version, basically a cheaper Pilot. It is worth mentioning though that the seven-seat version is just a rumor at this point.

2018 Honda crv 1 400x218

Source: autoevolution.com

What About the Interior?

So far the people who photographed the camouflaged model didn’t manage to get a good glimpse of its interior because it was covered quite well. However, we are quite sure the new CRV has a very similar cabin to the new Civic. This is quite obvious from the placement of the center-mounted LCD screen as well as its instrument cluster. However, while the dashboard will likely be the same or at least similar, the rest of the cabin will be new. We expect the CRV to be larger than before and it should also offer better materials. A seven-seat version has also been rumored for some time and it might even be released considering some of its competitors already have such as an option.

2018 Honda crv 2 400x218

Source: autoevolution.com

2018 Honda CRV Engine

The current model of the car features a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 engine which is expected to be discontinued. In its place, we might see the same 1.5 liters turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine as in the new Civic. In its little brother, the engine currently makes 174 horsepower which is down on the 185 horsepower of the current CRV. However, the engine might be tuned accordingly in order to offer more low-end torque and possibly more power as well. Also, while a manual is available on the Civic, the 2018 Honda CRV will most likely only be offered with a CVT gearbox which is preferred by its usual buyers.

Other engine choices could include Honda’s new 2-liter turbocharged mill which is expected to be found on the Civic Si with roughly 230 horsepower. This engine could be offered with the seven-seat version of the CRV which could do with more power and torque.

2018 Honda CRV
  • Interior
  • Price
  • Engine


Model: 2018 Honda CR-V
Engine: 2.4 liter
Release date: late 2017
Price: $25,000

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