Audi RS Q8 Price and Review

Now that Audi has confirmed the Q8, it looks like there isn’t much more to say about it. However, this is not really true. A while ago rumors about the Audi RS Q8 started to surface. These suggested that the car was going to become Audi’s fastest and most powerful crossover to date. Even though Audi decided to keep quiet about it, the car has been actually spied testing on the Nurburgring. The prototype seemed pretty much ready for production, so it is safe to assume its release date is not far off.

In fact, some suggested the car is going to be released alongside the regular Q8 which would be quite impressive especially since Audi usually waits around a year before releasing the RS versions of their cars. If this is actually going to happen, then it is safe to assume the Q8 is going to receive a lot more attention from Audi than the rest of their cars.

Audi RS Q8 Price

Despite its name, the Q8 is actually going to be smaller than the Q7. The car will be based on Audi’s MLB Evo platform which also underpins most other cars in the VAG Group. This is an all aluminum structure sporting aluminum suspension components as well as carbon fiber inserts in key areas of the car. The result should be a relatively lightweight crossover able to handle just like a sports car. As standard, the RS Q8 will receive Audi’s brand new electric sway-bars which have been first seen on the SQ7.

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On top of that, the car will also come with an adaptive air-ride system; so it should handle and be comfortable at the same time. The only drawback of these systems is the car’s weight but thanks to the new platform it shouldn’t really be a huge problem. As expected, all of these will come at a price. The early reports suggest the Audi RS Q8 is going to cost north of $120,000 which would make it one of the most expensive crossovers on the market.


It is safe to assume the RS Q8 is not going to be that different from the regular Q8. This has always been the case with Audi’s RS cars which always looked rather tamed. Over the regular model, the RS version will get slightly wider wheel arches, new intakes in the front, a small splitter as well as a rear diffuser. The car is expected to come equipped with 21 inches wrapped in high-performance tires. Under these wheels, it should come as standard with carbon-ceramic brakes both in the front and at the back. Also, instead of the usual Audi grille seen in the past few years, the RS Q8 will receive the same type of grille found on the new A8 so it should be considerably more striking to look at than the Q7.

Inside the Cabin

Even though the interior of the Audi RS Q8 has not been shown so far, the car is going to be mostly identical to the A8. This has been first rumors a while back and later confirmed by an inside source. The car will come with a fully digital instrument cluster; a large wide-screen infotainment screen as well as with a dashboard-wide AC vent which has made the A8 stand out from the rest of the cars in its class.

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Audi RS Q8 Engine

The Audi RS Q8 will come equipped with Audi’s new 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 which can also be found on the S8. This is a new generation engine that has very little in common with their older V8. Thanks to that the one in the Q8 is expected to offer north of 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. While it may not sound that impressive at first, this would actually be more than 50 horsepower more than most of its direct competitors.

The engine is going to be mated to an eight speed dual-clutch automatic which will drive all four wheels through Audi’s “Quattro” system. A hybrid is also a real possibility in which case it would make it the first RS vehicle to receive a hybrid powertrain. This is expected to boast the same engine from the new Turbo S hybrid Panamera which is good for nearly 700 horsepower from a really efficient 4.0-liter hybrid system.

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