How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Boots For Your Next Riding Adventure

There are various things that a bike rider needs to take care of while going on any riding adventure. He needs to make sure that every essential piece is present in his motorcycle kit. The most important thing that a rider needs to pay attention to is motorcycle boots. You might have got the best helmet or the jacket but what about the boots that are responsible for providing safety to your feet while riding the bike? 

Finding the right motorcycle boots for yourself can be intimidating because there are hundreds of options available in the market. This is the reason we have created this guide to help you in choosing the best motorcycle boots for you. Check out the points below to know about more about choosing the right boots for your next riding adventure: 

Know About The Different Types Of Motorcycle Boots: 

There are a wide range of motorcycle boots accessible to you. Before picking the right one for you, it is essential to know about its types. Here are some popular types of boots that you must know about: 

Track or sports boots: 


If you are looking for extreme on-road protection, track or sports boots are the perfect option for you. They are very similar looking to the ones that riders wear in MotoGP. They offer protection to your feet from twists, hyperextension, and slides. The best thing about these types of boots is that they usually come with replaceable parts. So, if any part gets worn out, you can get it replaced with the new one. But remember they are not meant for casual wear. 

Street boots: 

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Most riders prefer wearing street boots as most of the time they are out on the road. They come in a wide range of styles and you can choose the one that suits you the best. They provide both safety and comfort. You can also wear some type of street shoes as casual wear. Consider purchasing waterproof street boots so that your feet stay protected even when it is raining during your next adventure. To know about other features that these boots offer read more at

Cruiser boots: 



Such shoes like the ones that are worn at work and are usually made up of leather material. The best thing about this footwear is that they offer good grip while you are riding your bike. However, you cannot expect too much protection from them. They are durable and can last you for a very long time. If you need shoes that can protect you from the heat released by the bike’s engine parts and exhaust pipes, then you can choose cruiser knee-length shoes. You can comfortably walk around while taking a break from your ride in this footwear. 

Dirt boots:

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If you love off-roading, then dirt boots can be the best option for you. To protect your ankles, shins, and feet from the trail, you need a quality pair of dirt boots. They are responsible for protecting your feet from any off-road injuries. You can find them in many vibrant colors just like the dirt helmets, pants, and gloves. But one thing to remember here is that they are usually not waterproof and also not very comfortable to walk around on the roads. Its main purpose is to save your feet from the dirt while riding the bike. 

Touring boots: 

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Long journeys on the bike are adventurous but at the same time can be very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is essential for you to buy footwear that provides you comfort while riding the bike. Touring boots provide the rider the protection and the comfort that he requires during the long journey. Remember, to choose the shoes depending upon the weather and the climate at the place you are visiting on your bike. 

Choose The Right Boot Size: 

Finding the shoes that fit you properly is the main thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right riding boots for yourself. You can never feel comfortable in shoes that don’t fit you well. You should consider measuring your feet size before going out to shop. Once you have identified the size of motorcycle shoes that fits you properly, it will remain the same across all the shoe brands. You can also take the help of the product description to get the best fit for you. 

Focus On The Material: 

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Usually, the material that is used to make motorcycle shoes is leather. It offers high-abrasion resistance. Nowadays, manufacturers have been producing shoes with the help of textile material. The main advantage of textile materials is that they offer breathability. While purchasing motorcycle shoes, it is essential for you to notice such features in them. Choose the material that can withstand the harsh weather conditions. 

Select The Type Of Closure: 

There are different types of closures that you will find in rider shoes. You can select the one depending upon your preference. Lace closure is common in rider shoes but if the laces get stuck in any bike’s part while riding, then it can lead to accidents. To avoid such situations, ensure to choose the right type of closure. For better safety, you should go for shoes with straps and buckles. Velcros is another common type of boot’s closure that provides greater fit and security than other types. 

To Sum Up

No doubt that long bike rides can be adventurous, but if you haven’t prepared your motorcycle kit properly, you can get into some trouble during the journey. People pay more attention to getting the right helmet and jacket but they forget about getting the right motorcycle shoes. It is very important for you to choose the best rider shoes to protect your feet while riding the bike. 

There are some factors that you need to consider to pick the right motorcycle shoes for yourself. These factors include knowing about different types of motorcycle boots, picking the right size, and choosing the right material. Check out the above points to study about them in detail.

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