Installing A Lift Kit: A Step-By-Step Guide For NZ Vehicles

Lift kits are available for jeeps from basic suspension lift kits that help to raise the body of the car by one or two inches to measure lifting kits that increase the height of the entire chassis by several inches. Moreover, some brands have pre-package left bits available and which makes it easy to find the right level of left for your needs installing a lift kit on your jeep can be a bit of hard work but ultimately pay off the result because it will help to keep you safe whenever you are navigating through the area.

You need to know that lift kits such as lift kits are an amazing way to modify your jeep or vehicle and it also leads to improvement in its performance. You need to know that there are many benefits of installing left get on your vehicle such as it helps in increasing ground clearance, improves traction, and it also makes it easier to fit large tires on your vehicle. In addition to this, if you enjoyed taking your jeep for off-roading assembly driving through a rough area then the left can help a lot in keeping your vehicle safe and performing at its best. 

Tools That You Will Need



You need to know that there are some important tools that you will be needing to start this project and before you jump into the new Jeep left to get you are supposed to have Jack stands or ramps for lifting the vehicle, a wrench set,  socket wrench set, tire gauge,  safety glasses and gloves,  pliers or wire cutters,  floor Jack and other tools that are suggested by the left get manufacturer

Steps For Installing The Lift Kit 

1. Measure 

You are supposed to measure the height of your stock suspension against the desired height of your new lifted Suspension and this will let you know precisely that what kind of lift get do you need for your jeep as many different types and sizes are available in the market that you can choose from

2. Removal Of Components



Start by putting the jack stand Under the frame of your jeep. In this case, you are supposed to Make sure that the Jack stands are positioned so they will not sleep or collapse while you are performing the work.  so this simply means that one of the Jack stands is in a place using flow Jack to Slowly left your jeep’s body.  The next step is to remove the vehicles from your jeep and put them aside and disconnect any electrical components such as census or lights that may be attached to the suspension system.  this will help you to prevent any kind of damage to the suspension system and vehicle

3. Installing Your Kit 

Once all the components have been removed from your vehicle you are supposed to start installing your left kit. So you are supposed to position the new lift between the body and tires to make sure that each component is installed correctly

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