7 Legendary BMW Of All Time

For more than a century of history, BMW has introduced about 100 models. Many of them have long left the assembly line and have taken their places in the exhibition halls of the BMW Welt Museum. Today we take a refresher on the history of BMW and take a look at some of your favorite models that have worn the Bayerische Motoren Werke badge.

The Bavarians have created many great cars. They do not change themselves in this regard from year to year, trying to make a quality product that can compete in the highest echelons of the market and set the trend for the development of the entire industry. Nevertheless, BMW also has cars that are worthy of special praise and a long memory.

1. BMW 328

bmw 328 front 1 810x540

Source: auctomobile.com

This model “Bavarians” was produced in 1936 for sports racing in Texas. The car weighed only 830 kg and drove a 2-liter 79-horsepower engine. All this was an absolutely incredible combination of characteristics for those times. In addition, the car had a nice design.

2. BMW 3.0 CSL

Will Mederski BMW 3.0CSL COTA 9 1000x584 1 810x473

Source: petrolicious.com

In 1972, the Bavarians created the latest car specifically for racing in the Touring Car. The model received a lightweight body, lost part of the interior for the sake of investment, and also became the owner of the latest 3-liter engine.

3. BMW 1-series M Coupe

a7c7e04s 1920 810x456

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A series of these cars returned to the market in 2011. The car became noticeably wider, had only two doors, drove a 3-liter 335-horsepower engine and weighed only 1,496 kg, which was not so much for its parameters.

4. BMW 2002 Turbo


Source: silodrome.com

At one time, this car opened a whole era of new technologies for the market. The first model appeared back in the 60s of the last century, and by 1973 engineers had brought the series to absolute perfection, which helped make the BMW 2002 Turbo one of the best cars in history.

5. BMW Z8

1200px BMW Z8 2009 05 20 810x493

Source: en.wikipedia.org

This model became the heir to the roadster 507 model. The car was produced at the end of the last century. She received a 4.9-liter V8 engine with a herd of 400 horsepower. This handsome man had only one drawback – he stood a lot.

6. BMW i8

3a2418a59b449df 1200x580 810x392

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Even today, the i8 is recognized as one of the best and most desirable hypercars in the world. The car uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine, working in duo with an electric power plant. The car has good fuel economy.

7. BMW M5 (E34)

40.bmw 91 m5 pc062 hero crop2 810x456

Source: topgear.com

It is impossible not to remember about the handsome E34. According to most experts, the BMW M5 is the best car made by the company in its entire history. The car turned out to be so successful and popular that even a modified version of the M5 Touring Wagon appeared on its basis, which was produced to order for true connoisseurs.

Speaking of the legends of the brand, one cannot fail to mention the first BMW crossover that did not fit into the framework of ordinary SUVs, which meant Sport Utility Vehicle – “sports utility vehicle”, but became a luxurious SAV, Sports Activity Vehicle – “sports active car”. It was the BMW X5 with over 700 hp, which was introduced in autumn 1999.

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