2020 Toyota Supra Specification

Style, grace, and performance– Here comes the new model of Toyota Supra. The sports car, that has been ruling the tracks and whooshing the roads since 1978 when the first generation was launched by Toyota Motors. The primary four versions were produced until 2002 and now the latest addition of Toyota Supra has captured the market with remarkable performance and exceptional configuration. To buy the previous models, check the affordable used car buying and selling online platform Zemotor.

The originally launched Supra was designed after the Toyota Celica, as it was long and wide. Later in 1986, Toyota Supra became a brand with the newly introduced model A70 Supra. The fans of the Toyota Celica were in a state of confusion between the new model of Toyota Supra for a few years due to the similarity in the design. But with the time and modified models, Supra successfully created its own market. The fifth-generation was unveiled in March 2019 and went on roads with their new owners from May 2019. 

From style to specification, each and every aspect of the new Toyota Supra set an example of a passionate creation. The avid car lovers will fall for the beauty that comes with a striking performance. The latest and modified Supra comes with more power, more engines, and more thrills. You may find a plethora of sports car at a reasonable price at online used car sale purchase hub, Zemotor.

Why You Should Choose Toyota Supra?


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The brand new Toyota Supra is not an ordinary piece that is manufactured overnight. It is an icon that has a legacy of almost half a century. It is a dream invention of the designer for the passionate sports car lover. 

According to the global president and master driver Akio Toyoda, the launch of the ultimate Toyota Supra is not only for earning and generating a handsome revenue from the sales but they have a passion for the sports car as racing runs in their DNA. 

Apart from its exceptional specification, Toyota Supra comes with the following attractions:

  • NASA Membership Yes, that’s true! The ardent owner of Toyota Supra is gifted with complimentary membership of NASA (National Auto Sport Association) for a year. The non-transferable membership offers a number of benefits including an HPDE (High-Performance Driving Experience) once and absolutely without paying any charges and enticing discounts for NASA sanctioned programs.
  • Golden Ratio the engineers have given priority to the stability of Supra and designed it with an ultra-wide track of 1850 mm width, which makes a golden ration in terms of engineering and provides comfort while driving at a high speed.

The Main Highlights of Toyota Supra

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Check out the main highlights that will definitely leave amazed with the perfection of Toyota Supra: 

  • AVS – the Adaptive Variable Suspension has the capability to scrutinize the road 1000x per second to make the drive as comfortable as it can
  • Voluptuous Exterior –  the designers have given supreme importance on the exterior. They mentioned that they didn’t compromise on the design while focusing on the performance. The curves and sumptuous shape will surely excite you before you drive.
  • Interior – the comfortable and tranquil interior is specially built keeping the driver in mind. The delicate touch buttons in the cockpit, deep padded seats with supportive side knee pad provides maximum stability no matter how rough the turn goes.
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  • Driving Mode – Racing on track and driving on road are two sisters with contrasting features but what if you get both the modes in one? Toyota Supra gives you an option to drive on two modes (Normal Mode and Sports Driving Mode). You don’t need to buy another car to go to the office now as your Supra is enough to fulfill both the needs
  • Advanced Technology – In-car features, Apple CarPlay Compatibility, Integrated Navigation, Qi-compatible wireless charging, HUD (for crucial information and alerts)
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  • Powerful Engine – 335 hp, 365-pound foot of torque, 3.0-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine and 8-speed transmission to keep it firm and strong.
  • Brakes and Clutch – the electronically controlled rear differential gives pinnacle performance with an in-built feature to activate multi-plate clutch and brake pressure. While driving Toyota Supra, you don’t have to worry about performance as you can have ultimate control over the driving line with mm accuracy.

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