Why You Need Softstart RV

A/C units are essential for long summer road trips. Without them, you could suffer heat stroke or at the very least, have a miserable journey instead of the fun, worry-free trip you planned. And having no A/C unit in an RV is even worse. If you decide to park somewhere to sleep or rest, you will not be able to relax in a nice, cool space.

The problem with RVs is not that they do not have A/C units. In fact, many might have more than one unit in charge of cooling down the vehicle. It is that A/C units require a certain amount of power that many campsites, unfortunately, do not have. 

Most RV owners know that they need to find a campsite with 30-amp connections to be able to start just one A/C. There is not enough energy to power more than one unit on a connection as low as this. This can be a real problem for RV owners who cannot find a campsite that has all the power they need. 

That is where a Softstart RV can help you when you click TechnoRV and check all the details you need to know. You will not have to worry about finding a certain campsite or wonder whether you will have a working A/C unit when you arrive at your next destination. SoftStart will have eliminated this. 

What is SoftStart RV?

Simply put, softstart RV is a small device, usually under two pounds, which is used to smooth out the power demand of an A/C unit. IT can reduce the startup power of an A/C unit by almost 70%, which is an incredible way to solve your A/C start-up problem. It takes some of the pressure off your RV’s generator. 


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You will have working, reliaed to, you can become overheated. This can be a serious health concern for you and those with whom you are traveling. It is important that you try to stay as cool and as comfortable as much as you possibly can. 

If you suspect that you are becoming overheated, follow the link to learn more about the possible medical conditions that you can suffer from when you are overheated.

You know how loud your RV’s A/C compressor can be when it starts up in the middle of the night. If you suffer from insomnia or restless sleep, you do not want to be woken up in the middle of the night because of something like this. Once you install Softstart RV, you will be able to start your A/C much easier than you would’ve before, and on top of that, you will be able to avoid that annoying noise you are A/C used to making. 

You also will not have to deal with those annoying power management issues when your A/C is running. Since you are taking some of that pressure off your generator by using Softstart RV, you will have more power available for the rest of your appliances while you are A/C runs. No more having to choose or have to troubleshoot. 

Lastly, since you will be taking some of that strain away from your generator, you will not have to worry about pushing your generator to its limit. If you are running your generator at its max capacity, then it is bound to stop working eventually. It cannot keep operating on max capacity because it is going to wear out the electrical components of the device. 

Generators can cost a lot of money to repair or replace. You do not want to replace them more often than you need to because it is a waste of your money. If a small device can help you save potentially thousands of dollars and keep you from replacing your generator early, then it is definitely worth the investment. 


How much does it cost?

Most Softstart RVs are around $300. However, depending on where you buy it from, you might be able to take out a warranty plan, which will increase your price but protect your new purchase from damage. Many places will give you a 1, 2, or even 3-year warranty protecting your SoftStart from damage.

How easy are they to install?

The good news about a Softstart is that it’s easy to install. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then you will love how easy it is to install. Most installations take less than an hour to install. They will come with easy-to-read instructions and diagrams that can tell you exactly how to install it yourself. 

If, however, you don’t feel capable of installing Softstart on your own, then you can always hire an RV tech professional to install it for you. Just so you know though, this will not be a free installation. You will more than likely have to pay an installation fee, even if you made your purchase with the same company that is installing it. 

If I recently purchased an RV or plan to purchase one, will a SoftStart come with my new investment?

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Unfortunately, not. A Softstart RV is something that has to be purchased separately at this time. It is considered a small upgrade to your vehicle. Many places that sell RVs will also sell these small upgrades and other accessories for you to purchase. 

If you haven’t purchased your new RV yet, you can click here for a helpful buying guide. 


Summer nights and days can be unbearably hot and humid. You need to have reliable A/C in your RV before you take off during potentially hot weather. Purchasing a Softstart RV can ensure that you have just that. 

It will allow you to power multiple A/C units in your RV when you would not have the power to do so before. It will keep your RV from shaking and making a racket at night when you are trying to have a restful sleep. It will also remove some of that unnecessary pressure from your generator. overworked generators do not last as long as they’re supposed to and will need to be replaced more. A SoftStart RV will save you money and it is easy to install!

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